Cinema from the Filipino diaspora

Thank you all for coming by the Mission Cultural Center this past Sunday Oct 2, 2011, to enjoy an evening of wonderful Pinoy & Filipino-American film.

It was a succesful event where we were able to get together Latinos and Filipinos around film.

In our quest we discovered the similiarities we share with the so called Asian Latinos, as well as the the rich Filipino cinematic culture.

Thanks Jason Wallach from MCCLA for hosting out the program; Río for the wonderful adobo sliders provided by Mr. Adobo Man; Coco Lim for preparing the sago coolers and helping out with the program; Ryan Flores for his invaluable help with promoting the event; Sandy Juarez for helping with the set up and support. Thank you to Robynn Takayama for introducing us Celine Parreñas and help us round up the program. Thanks Carolina Blanco and José Aguilera for your support and  taking the photographs.

We look forward to doing another night devoted to Filipino film next year.


We showed two local shorts, from 1980 and 1997, and a 2008 feature from one of the most interesting contemporary Pinoy and Fil-Am filmmakers.

Thank you Carlos Villa & Celine Parreñas for letting us show your wonderful shorts and sharing with us on the stage.

And last but not least, Agustín Caballero, the homeboy who helped in the booth and with all the technical stuff as well as with his vast cinematic knowledge.

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